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Mercury Outboard Trim & Tilt Applications

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Some outboard applications with Pump & reservoir mounted inside boat.  Can be used for jack plates and some trim tab applications 88183A12, 14336A8 Complete Pump w/SS Bracket, Solenoids, Cables, Junction Block & Hardware  T1088MSK

t1088msk.jpg (15816 bytes)

Trim System Complete,  Mercury 225 Pro XS 3.0L DFI and many others  3 ram system.  855998A05, 855998A09, 855998A10,  855998A11, 99659A22, 818186A6, 826729A6,   Complete Trim Assembly 855998

855998.jpg (36352 bytes)

225 - 275 HPO/B - replaces 823653A5, 92459A4 Complete Pump; late model Mercury Outboard using oildyne Pump T1080M

t1080m[1].jpg (5564 bytes)

all Mercury Outboard THRU 1980 With Internal Motor and Reservoir  


   89885A-1, ERH4102 Late model, lower Unit with single ram, 3 Wire with allen bolts 6217

6217[1].jpg (45276 bytes)

***note***   tr217 is a brush Kit TR217

      -  -    17649A1


O/B and I/O using oildyne Pump. Replaces early style square Motor. Motor Only 6218

6218[1].jpg (41248 bytes)

135,150, XR6, MagIII, 175, 200, 250,105- 140 Jet OG201875-up


828708 2 Wire bullet connector terminal ends 1996 & later.


6250[1].jpg (41627 bytes)

12 V Motor 1993-95 811628 3Ram integral Trim/ tilt system. Replaces 3 Wire square model. 3 Wire connection, flat blade coupler, o-ring included PT485

pt485[1].jpg (22322 bytes)

6279dwg[1].jpg (18599 bytes)

  (Most often OrderED)   Tip: This is the one when you are told that you need to buy the entire tilt assembly because the Motor is no longer produced.  Retooled  Motor and Pump again, and it is better than the original!!!! 1984-91 99186, 99186-1 Replaces  Mercury Outboard cartridge Pump assemblies with the side fill reservoir. Motor & cartridge Pump



Mercury Outboard Trim Pump

- - 84-826802 a4 Wiring Harness only. Converts 2 Wire trim motors to 3 Wire applications (included with 6250-1) 8268

8268[1].jpg (14005 bytes)

Late model trim relay - 828151 - 151

151-b[1].jpg (7660 bytes)

- 25-50 HP replaces 827675A1 Motor only 6255

6255[1].jpg (8299 bytes)

Older Single Ram, 3 Wire, Square or round Motor - - - 6276-1

6276-1[1].jpg (25023 bytes)

Late Model Mercury Outboard & Mariner      30-jet; 30HP (4 stroke); 35, 40HP (2,3,4, Cylinder.) ; 40Hp (4-Stroke, Bigfoot); 45HP (4-Stroke, Bigfoot, Bodensee); 50HP (3 Cylinder.); 50HP (4-Stroke, Bigfoot); 65HP-Jet; 75HP (3 Cylinder.); 75HP (4-Stroke); 80HP-Jet;   90HP (3cyl.); 90HP (4-Stroke); 100HP (4 Cylinder.); 115HP & 125HP (4 Cylinder.).  

          ( 2 different manufacturers of the same Motor. )

- OE Numbers: 818903A1; 819762A4-A7; 819479A1; 819480A1; 81977A8-A9; 822870A1; 830250A3-T3; 832021A1-T4-A2-T2; 855654A1-T2; 19217A1-A5; 811674; 809885A1-T2; 813445; 811699; 809885A-1 Late Model Mer/ Mariner lower Unit w/single ram

2 Wire 809885A-1


6276[1].jpg (38406 bytes)

6276-1a[1].jpg (24702 bytes)

late model single ram, 2 Wire Motor PT496 same as above but different manufacturer.

older single ram, 3 Wire, square or round Motor PT495

pt495[1].jpg (20451 bytes)


- - Replacement Motor for ARCO 6278 cartridge Pump. Fits ARCO 6278 Only. 6277

6277[1].jpg (60409 bytes)

6278b[1].jpg (11965 bytes)

mercury/ Mariner - 811628 3 Ram, 3Wire Trim Unit With Aft Fill Reservoir 6279

6279[1].jpg (43570 bytes)

6279dwg[1].jpg (18599 bytes)

6279a[1].jpg (45909 bytes)